Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crazy for Collars

If you follow my blog at all, you know I belong to a very talented group of women called UWIB which is short for Unique Women in Business. We share business ideas, give business advice when needed and just all around support each other in our journey in this world.

I purchased a collar for my sweetie Elvira a couple of weeks ago. How cute is that..?? Suzanne from Crazy for Collars is so very talented in her sewing...! She has a so many cute and colorful collars for dogs and cats. She has Christmas collars and collars with bows. I choose a beach blue ( go figure) and green stripey collar. She collars are very well made and I anticipate it lasting for a very long time.
I realize that Elvira doesn't look very happy in her collar in the, but she and my other 2 fur babies had just come in from playing with me in the back yard and she was all worn out. It was a perfect time to snap the photo...while she wasn't!
If you get a chance...stop by Suzanne's Etsy shop and see what she has to offer for your fur baby...I'm sure you'll find something you like...!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

George Ohr Show 2009

I know this update is a bit late, but I am recovering from Canton and getting ready for the next show. The George Ohr Festival was fabulous...! We had gorgeous weather on Saturday, but Sunday didn't cooperate and we experienced lots of rain. We got lots of shoppers though in between bouts of heavy rain.

I saw some old friends and made some new ones. Randye Temple was back with her fused glass jewelry and paintings. I also met Pam and Bill Clark from South Carolina. They had the booth next to me and had the most beautiful pottery and colorful handmade glazes...! Visit them at Clark House Pottery if you get a chance, you won't be disappointed...!

One of the great part about doing shows is meeting new people and learning about their art. I also met Loran Chavex from Mobile. She had beautiful paintings in watercolor, acrylics and oils. She does sea life and nature portraits. I was lucky enough to acquire a a jumping dolphins painting. It now resides on the wall of my studio. It's so great to look around my studio and be inspired by the artists I've met along the way on this journey.

I received my booth assignment for the Peter Anderson. It looks like I will be at the about the same location I was last year. That puts me almost right across from one of my retail locations at Sea About It. I will be at booth number 668. I look forward to this show each year. The weather is perfect right now and I hope it holds for the next few weeks...!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Show Season is here...!!

I haven't been posting as frequently lately. I have been a busy little bee getting ready for the Fall Show Season to begin. First on the docket is the George Ohr this weekend.
I will probably not be able to post as much for the next 2 months, but I will try to keep you updated about shows as much as I can.
This bracelet was made with one of Neil's hand cast sterling silver rings. You'll notice it's a little different in style. The back of the bracelet comes around the back of the wrist and attaches to the side of the ring. I plan to make these bracelets in a variety of colors and with different sea charms. This one has a (barely visible, sorry) sterling dolphin charm. I believe they will be a big hit at the shows this year...! I just have to wait for my silver caster to make me some more rings...the task master awakes..! Neil has been great though, he's really enjoying learning about soldering, casting and even getting used to the tools we use. He's made jump rings and he was learning how to make earwires yesterday. It's been great to have someone to share my passion with...!

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Pieces and Panic

I've been a busy little bee lately...! Neil and I have been working on silver a couple days a week and I've had the urge to play with my Kazuris lately.
I took a a very last minute shot to get into a show next month in Canton, MS. It's called the Canton Flea Market. It will be held Thursday, October 8th from 8 to 5. I have heard that shoppers are out in full force at 5 AM with flashlights...! They bus folks in from all over for this show, so I am looking forward to an awesome turn out.

Now..the reason for the panic....I realized after I got into the Canton show, that it falls 4 days after one of my bigger shows, the George Ohr Fall Festival the weekend of the 3rd-4th....yikes...! So, I am scurrying to make enough inventory to fill for both shows. Luckily, Neil will be accompanying me to Canton to help out.
These images are some pieces that I have completed recently...enjoy...!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lost Wax Casting - Part 2 ( Part 1 actually)

I guess this this actually part 1, because all the work we are doing here, comes before the last post.
The first photo is of me setting up the wax molds on a "button" of wax. I fit as many wax pieces on the button as space allows, as long as the pieces are not touching. We had anywhere from 10-15 pieces per button.

The next step is to "make the biscuits" as Horace puts it. You mix up a fine white powder with water, vaccuum out the bubbles and carefully, pour it over the flasks. They also get vacuumed for air bubbles. They are then put into a kiln for about 9 hours to burn out the wax on the buttons. Once that is accomplished, you can can shoot the hot silver into the areas of the flask that don't have the wax and...."ta-da" you have silver pieces like the ones I show below.

Ok, so maybe there are a few more cutting the pieces off the button and cleaning them up, tumbling the shine back onto them and buffing them to a high shine. It is pretty much a two day process though and one that Neil is getting pretty good at.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

AAhh....the difference a soap can make...!

If you keep up with my blog posts at know I belong to a very talented group of women known as UWIB ( Unique Women in Business). We support each other's businesses by making 1 purchase each month from another group member's store. The purchase doesn't have to be a big one, there is no me this is no hardship with the talent in this group. A lot of the woman have Etsy and/or Artfire shops to choose from.

About 4 months ago, I ordered some lip balm from Michelle at Flameworks. They were pomegranate and mango flavored. They had the perfect texture and flavor..! She was very quick to ship and it was packaged perfectly, I was very pleased.
In July, I ordered from Michelle again. I ordered her new flavor of lip balm...Coconut. Ok, now you know as well as I do, that coconut can be done badly...but I wasn't was perfect as always..! I also tried Michelle's vegan deodorant. We've all heard how bad store bought can be with some of the things they put into it. Michelle's works like a charm.
Now, to the reason for this post. Along with my lip balm and deordorant..Michelle sent me a sample of her soap. It was called Black Misson Fig. At the time I thought..that was very sweet of her, but I'll never like a "fig" soap. So, I put the sample in my shower and forgot about it for a few days. I picked it up when my "regular" bar was getting low and started lathering it on....! WOW...!!! I loved it...! It has a very catchy fragrance..very refreshing and energizing...! All from something I never would have tried on my own...! I had to go order a full bar...! Very good marketing technique on Michelle's part let me tell you...! She sent me a sample of Black Raspberry this time...I'm almost afraid to open the zip lock...afraid I'll have another obsession...!
If you get a chance stop by Flameworks and see what Michelle has to offer, she has a large variety of flavors and sizes on most of her products. Tell her Dawn sent you...!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lost Wax Casting Lesson

I got to go play..I mean learn more about lost wax casting last Thursday with my friend Horace. I started buying Horace's cast silver a couple of years ago and he has been kind enough to teach me his technique.
This first picture is of me heating up the solid silver to a liquid form in the centrifuge. To the right of me is the large kiln Horace has that holds the cylinders that the wax has been burned out of to make way for the sterling silver in the centrifuge.

The second photo is after the cylinder has been put into the centrifuge and the spinning has started, throwing the hot silver into the molds.

Photo three is of me moving the hot, hot cylinder putting it into cool water to wash the material off the silver pieces. It comes off very easily and you left with the silver pieces on a "button" of silver. ( photo 4) They are then cut off, cleaned and pickled. Then they are tumble polished.

I am having such a great time and am learning so much from Horace. I am hoping soon to be able to make my own wax molds and cast silver pieces that are my own signature pieces. The next time I go out there, I will have some photos of the beginnings of this intricate process.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Who Knew...??

I had an awesome time last weekend at the Ocean Springs Art Market/Fresh Market in front of the Mary O'Keefe Cultural Center. We had a great turn out and am happy to report that the Fresh Market will be with us again September 5th. It would be awesome if they continue to combine both markets to the benefit of both Markets..but what do I know?
I was doing some internet research the other day and discovered that we have Art Markets every weekend..!

- Pass Christian has a Market every Saturday from 8-11 at the War Memorial Park on Hwy 90.
- Waveland has a Market on Wednesdays from 6-12 and Saturdays from 8-12.
- Moss Point's Market is from 9-1

I am probably going to check out a couple of these this Saturday and see which one or ones would be the best fit for me.
I will also have my Fall Schedule of events posted on my web site very soon. I am also finding the best date for my Annual Home Show.

For your viewing pleasure today, I have posted pictures of a couple of new pieces. I made a Chakra bracelet with Swarovski crystals and Crystal Quartz. I also have these stunning Crystal quartz Mini Lotus Pears made into gorgeous teardrop hoops. Both are available for sale in my Artfire Studio.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dragonflies Again

I have been on a dragonfly kick again. I just love these little sterling silver charms...they look like they are flying around the edge of the bracelet. I used faceted Moonstone and stick pearls in both bracelets. I couldn't quite capture the the flash of the moonstone on camera is stunning...!
I used green apatite and tiny peridot gems in the first bracelet as well as one of my favorite Swarovski colors..Erinite.

In the second bracelet, I used yummy Kyanite coins and Sapphire Swarovskis. Kyanite comes from the Greek word kyanos, meaning wonder I love it...!
The green Dragonfly bracelet is for sale on my Artfire site right now.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Starfish

I can't believe Summer is half over, I'll blink again...and it will be Christmas ( sorry). Not that I don't love Christmas...but the time is going much too I am getting my info together for my Fall Schedule which I will post soon. The Peter Anderson and the George Ohr will be here before I know!
I just listed some more of my Czech Glass Charm Earrings in my Artfire Shop . I have dolphins, starfish, sun faces, seahorses, sea turtles and fish. Quantities are limited, I am finding it harder and hard to find the glass squares.
I found my Naked Sandals on another blog yesterday..! Unique Women in Business is a supportive, fun group to belong to. We support each other other in business and in life. If you are a Unique Woman in Business and want to join, you can follow this link and tell Erin I sent you...!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Butterfly or Moth...?

I got up yesterday morning with the intention of cutting back the massive amounts of Honeysuckle that is growing on the back corner of the house. It's something I have to do about twice a year. Yes, I planted it there, seemed like a great idea at the time. It was plant I had growing in a container at my last apartment, and well contained it was. Once it got into the let loose...!
Oh the fragrance of those Honeysuckle is one of my favorites and usually one of the first bloomers of Spring. I will usually get another smaller bloom in the Fall, but we have been so lacking in water, I think the plant started rejoicing when we finally got a couple of good showers and blossomed a little.

So, back to the story..I went out yesterday morning with the intention of cutting it back before Fall...and what do I see...but this beautiful winged creature flitting from flower to flower collecting nectar. He/she stayed around long enough to go grab my camera and catch some pretty good photos (if I do say so myself) and to weaken my resolve to take down the plant...sigh. Maybe that's why that little bugger was tell me it's just not the right time. He/she is a beauty though...! If anyone knows what kind of creature he is..please share your study of Lepidopterology is not what it used to be.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SATeam Feature

Just a quick post today. I got my google notifications today and was shocked to see a feature about me on the Starving Artists Team Blog. I remember submitting the information months back...but forgot all about it.
Here is the link if you'd like to have a look-see...! SATeam Blog
This gorgeous bracelet was one of my was recently sold. It was one of those sales you have mixed feelings love that it found a new home...but cherished it as a favorite....sigh.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Perfect Lightening Rod....

Happy 4th of July....! Before Katrina we had a very tall pair of pine trees in our backyard. We lost one and the other lost it's top. It almost looks like it is reaching out to the sky shaking it's fist for taking it's partner away. It was the perfect lightening rod this past Saturday.
I was hanging out that afternoon watching a movie Neil had rented for (about) me... "Confessions of a Shopaholic".
We have been needing rain...almost 30 days without it..when a storm rolled in. Ever since Katrina, our poor fur babies get traumatized every time they hear thunder. They start to quiver and shake and cling to my side. So picture this, I had 3 dogs glued to me when we heard this sonic boom and we all jumped a mile. I knew it had hit close. When I put my heart back into my chest...I got up to look and this is what I saw.
I guess it was only a matter of time until our perfect lightening rod was struck down. Not quite the fireworks I was anticipating on the 4th....

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Custom Lampwork Pieces

A couple of months ago I received 4 pretty lampwork beads from a customer of mine. She had picked them up at a local art show. She brought them to me and asked me to create something custom for her with them. Here are the results of that endeavor....

I started with the bracelet. I loved the colors of these beads...chocolate and turquoise..yum...! I picked the one I wanted to use in the necklace and set it aside. The Mocca Swarovski color was a perfect match as was the Turquoise Swarovski. I decided to use Sterling silver links instead of stringing it on beading wire. It gave the bracelet more movement and all sides of the lampwork beads can be seen. I made the necklace a little more simple, I wanted it to compliment the bracelet, not compete with it.
I love doing custom work...! It challenges my creativity and lets me design using pieces that I don't have in my vast bead stash ( the fun part). It's an awesome feeling to know that I have customers out there who trust my design ability enough to create something for them from something they love...! If you have a focal or some beads that have been collecting dust that you've been waiting for an idea about what to do with them...drop me an email, I'd be glad to help as a consultant or a designer.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Where did the Month go..?

I have no idea where this month went. I blinked and it's almost gone. I have been busy trying to keep up with my stock of Naked Sandals, it has been a full-time gig, but that's not a bad thing. I didn't realize how big barefoot sandals had become, until I saw that a link to my Artfire shop was included in an article on the web site Handmade News. The article is called Trends to Try: Summer's Hottest Sandals. Who knew..? No wonder I can't keep them in stock..!
This last photo is a necklace I made with a glass seashell bead made by StudioMarcy on Etsy. Isn't it pretty...? Marcy is a part of my Unique Women in Business Group. An awesome group of Business Women who share ideas and support each other. I knew when I saw that bead, I had to have it. Marcy has a lot of cute creatures, little food beads, fish and seashells in her shop.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Biloxi Art Association Festival of Arts

Just a quick note today...! It's been a hectic week...! The Fais Do Do last weekend was a rousing success. The weather was perfect..! ( About 15 degrees cooler than last year, Yea!)
I will be at the Edgewater Mall this weekend for the Festival of Arts. I am not sure of my location yet, but I shouldn't be too hard to find, try the rock climbing wall area.
I got a lot of stunning sea glass ( example leftt) in a couple of weeks ago and some gorgeous Kazuri beads on Monday. I haven't had too much time to play yet, but hope to before Saturday...!
This bracelet is made of aqua sea glass, mother of pearl and swarovski. The stunner of the piece is the Sterling silver box clasp with an inlaid swarovski crystal. I'm not sure if I like it or the seahorse the best..!
Hope to see you there this weekend...!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Absence of Reason....

...or is it Reason of Absence....?? hmmm...tough call..!! I know it has been awhile...but I have a really good reason...! One..I turned 40 about 2 weeks Mom was here for a visit from Wisconsin. She hasn't been here for 3 we had a lot of time to make up for, while she was here... so the jewelry biz was put on the back-burner as much as I was able to leave it there. It wasn't easy I tell ya, it was the first time since I opened Caly's Jewelry Creations that it wasn't my priority.

Mom and I got to spend time in some of our favorite restaurants. One my birthday, we got to have lunch at Yuki's with my friend Patty for sushi. Mom requires at least 2 sushi lunches while she is here in order to get her "fix" complaints from me. I guess the sushi in Wisconsin isn't near as wonderful as what we have here.

This last photo was taken at my other favorite restaurant...Shady's. I think I have spent the last 6 birthday's at my favorite Thai restaurant and oyster bar. Grilled oysters for appetizer and lemongrass soup for dinner..nothing beats it...! I could eat Thai everyday...! The photo below is one of the owners of Shady's and a good friend of ours Chuck S. If you're ever in the area and want some great food, I highly recommend Shady's. They just opened a 2nd location in Ocean Springs.

Mom and played cards, talked, worked on projects around the yard I have sorely neglected and had a wonderful time.

As much as I love my was a needed break and now I am back with fresh eyes and an eager muse.

I have 2 shows coming in very shortly. I will be at the Biloxi Shrimp Festival across from the Hard Rock Casino on June 6th and then at the Edgewater Mall for the Biloxi Art Association Festival of Arts on June 12th-13th. I'd love to see you there...!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Got out the Kazuris today..!

Yea...! I got to play with my Kazuri beads today...! They were a real hit at my last show and I realized I only had 1 bracelet left, so I took them out and was immediately entranced by the colors. Before I knew it...the afternoon was gone and I all these beautiful pieces..!
I am in the process of loading these pieces to my Artfire studio.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dauphin Island: Treasure Trove & Marti's

You can now find Caly's Jewelry Creations on Dauphin Island, AL...! The Treasure Trove and Marti's are the newest additions to my retail outlets. The Treasure Trove is carrying my beach-style jewelry which includes: Sea glass and sea life charms. Marti's is carrying my line of Naked Sandals..! They should receive their first shipment of sandals in the next 2 weeks.
The 2nd Annual Dauphin Island Art Show was an official success...! There were 33 artists there showing off their many talents, from polymer clay ( See Janie at Life Art Designs) to pottery, photography, watercolors, artisan jewelry ( my good and talented friend Lisa of Serena's Jewels was there) and handmade soaps. We had beautiful weather and a great turn out...! I had a great time hanging out with Lisa and her husband in their home on the island. They were the perfect hosts and I look forward to being able to go hang out again with more time to spare.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Sea Glass Set

Wow...! Say that 3 times fast...!! Summer Sea Glass Set... Summer Sea Glass Set...Summer Sea Glass Set...Ok...maybe not so bad. I think I have been making Naked Sandals too long..I'm getting delirious...! What can I fast I make them...they hit the door, I can't keep them in stock. If you live in the area though, you can now find Caly's Naked Sandals in the Taunt shop located in the Hard Rock Casino as well as Sea About It in Ocean Springs.
I will be on Dauphin Island for the 2nd Annual Dauphin Island Arts Festival this weekend. The festival is located in Cadillac Square Park....I will be in booth number 22. The Festival hours are 9-5 on Saturday and 9-4 on Sunday. If you're in the mood for a road trip to the beach or will be in the area, stop by and say Hi..!
Now....on to the new pieces....! I have got some great pieces of sea glass in stock now and I am finally getting a chance to play with them...this set is the first in what I hope to be a great summer line. I love the royal blue color. I'm not sure I want to list this is too yummy...! Oh..all right....if you insist....if for some this set makes it past the Dauphin Island will find it in my Artfire Studio next week. I may even have other great colors for you to choose from...! I'd love to hear your comments on these pieces...!