Thursday, August 20, 2009

AAhh....the difference a soap can make...!

If you keep up with my blog posts at know I belong to a very talented group of women known as UWIB ( Unique Women in Business). We support each other's businesses by making 1 purchase each month from another group member's store. The purchase doesn't have to be a big one, there is no me this is no hardship with the talent in this group. A lot of the woman have Etsy and/or Artfire shops to choose from.

About 4 months ago, I ordered some lip balm from Michelle at Flameworks. They were pomegranate and mango flavored. They had the perfect texture and flavor..! She was very quick to ship and it was packaged perfectly, I was very pleased.
In July, I ordered from Michelle again. I ordered her new flavor of lip balm...Coconut. Ok, now you know as well as I do, that coconut can be done badly...but I wasn't was perfect as always..! I also tried Michelle's vegan deodorant. We've all heard how bad store bought can be with some of the things they put into it. Michelle's works like a charm.
Now, to the reason for this post. Along with my lip balm and deordorant..Michelle sent me a sample of her soap. It was called Black Misson Fig. At the time I thought..that was very sweet of her, but I'll never like a "fig" soap. So, I put the sample in my shower and forgot about it for a few days. I picked it up when my "regular" bar was getting low and started lathering it on....! WOW...!!! I loved it...! It has a very catchy fragrance..very refreshing and energizing...! All from something I never would have tried on my own...! I had to go order a full bar...! Very good marketing technique on Michelle's part let me tell you...! She sent me a sample of Black Raspberry this time...I'm almost afraid to open the zip lock...afraid I'll have another obsession...!
If you get a chance stop by Flameworks and see what Michelle has to offer, she has a large variety of flavors and sizes on most of her products. Tell her Dawn sent you...!


Felt on the Fly said...

This is a great post - now I want to go shopping for some of that coconut lip balm (among other things)! Thanks for the great review. Nice little plug (once again) for UWIB. Just saw your post in the forum there.

aka Miss Kim said...

I too would probably never try fig soap. Glad it turned out to be so enjoyable! Smart girl that Michelle!

Stacie Brown said...

Sounds like wonderful products! Nice to find such great quality like that. You could have worse obessions, so I say go for it!! LOL

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I like reading the review and I remember you seeking out more fig soap! I prefer natural products too. I look forward to ordering some for myself.

Andrew Thornton said...

What a good idea! And thanks for the recommendations! I'm going to have to go over right now and take a look at all the goods.