Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Show Season is here...!!

I haven't been posting as frequently lately. I have been a busy little bee getting ready for the Fall Show Season to begin. First on the docket is the George Ohr this weekend.
I will probably not be able to post as much for the next 2 months, but I will try to keep you updated about shows as much as I can.
This bracelet was made with one of Neil's hand cast sterling silver rings. You'll notice it's a little different in style. The back of the bracelet comes around the back of the wrist and attaches to the side of the ring. I plan to make these bracelets in a variety of colors and with different sea charms. This one has a (barely visible, sorry) sterling dolphin charm. I believe they will be a big hit at the shows this year...! I just have to wait for my silver caster to make me some more rings...the task master awakes..! Neil has been great though, he's really enjoying learning about soldering, casting and even getting used to the tools we use. He's made jump rings and he was learning how to make earwires yesterday. It's been great to have someone to share my passion with...!

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Pieces and Panic

I've been a busy little bee lately...! Neil and I have been working on silver a couple days a week and I've had the urge to play with my Kazuris lately.
I took a a very last minute shot to get into a show next month in Canton, MS. It's called the Canton Flea Market. It will be held Thursday, October 8th from 8 to 5. I have heard that shoppers are out in full force at 5 AM with flashlights...! They bus folks in from all over for this show, so I am looking forward to an awesome turn out.

Now..the reason for the panic....I realized after I got into the Canton show, that it falls 4 days after one of my bigger shows, the George Ohr Fall Festival the weekend of the 3rd-4th....yikes...! So, I am scurrying to make enough inventory to fill for both shows. Luckily, Neil will be accompanying me to Canton to help out.
These images are some pieces that I have completed recently...enjoy...!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lost Wax Casting - Part 2 ( Part 1 actually)

I guess this this actually part 1, because all the work we are doing here, comes before the last post.
The first photo is of me setting up the wax molds on a "button" of wax. I fit as many wax pieces on the button as space allows, as long as the pieces are not touching. We had anywhere from 10-15 pieces per button.

The next step is to "make the biscuits" as Horace puts it. You mix up a fine white powder with water, vaccuum out the bubbles and carefully, pour it over the flasks. They also get vacuumed for air bubbles. They are then put into a kiln for about 9 hours to burn out the wax on the buttons. Once that is accomplished, you can can shoot the hot silver into the areas of the flask that don't have the wax and...."ta-da" you have silver pieces like the ones I show below.

Ok, so maybe there are a few more steps..like cutting the pieces off the button and cleaning them up, tumbling the shine back onto them and buffing them to a high shine. It is pretty much a two day process though and one that Neil is getting pretty good at.