Thursday, August 20, 2009

AAhh....the difference a soap can make...!

If you keep up with my blog posts at know I belong to a very talented group of women known as UWIB ( Unique Women in Business). We support each other's businesses by making 1 purchase each month from another group member's store. The purchase doesn't have to be a big one, there is no me this is no hardship with the talent in this group. A lot of the woman have Etsy and/or Artfire shops to choose from.

About 4 months ago, I ordered some lip balm from Michelle at Flameworks. They were pomegranate and mango flavored. They had the perfect texture and flavor..! She was very quick to ship and it was packaged perfectly, I was very pleased.
In July, I ordered from Michelle again. I ordered her new flavor of lip balm...Coconut. Ok, now you know as well as I do, that coconut can be done badly...but I wasn't was perfect as always..! I also tried Michelle's vegan deodorant. We've all heard how bad store bought can be with some of the things they put into it. Michelle's works like a charm.
Now, to the reason for this post. Along with my lip balm and deordorant..Michelle sent me a sample of her soap. It was called Black Misson Fig. At the time I thought..that was very sweet of her, but I'll never like a "fig" soap. So, I put the sample in my shower and forgot about it for a few days. I picked it up when my "regular" bar was getting low and started lathering it on....! WOW...!!! I loved it...! It has a very catchy fragrance..very refreshing and energizing...! All from something I never would have tried on my own...! I had to go order a full bar...! Very good marketing technique on Michelle's part let me tell you...! She sent me a sample of Black Raspberry this time...I'm almost afraid to open the zip lock...afraid I'll have another obsession...!
If you get a chance stop by Flameworks and see what Michelle has to offer, she has a large variety of flavors and sizes on most of her products. Tell her Dawn sent you...!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lost Wax Casting Lesson

I got to go play..I mean learn more about lost wax casting last Thursday with my friend Horace. I started buying Horace's cast silver a couple of years ago and he has been kind enough to teach me his technique.
This first picture is of me heating up the solid silver to a liquid form in the centrifuge. To the right of me is the large kiln Horace has that holds the cylinders that the wax has been burned out of to make way for the sterling silver in the centrifuge.

The second photo is after the cylinder has been put into the centrifuge and the spinning has started, throwing the hot silver into the molds.

Photo three is of me moving the hot, hot cylinder putting it into cool water to wash the material off the silver pieces. It comes off very easily and you left with the silver pieces on a "button" of silver. ( photo 4) They are then cut off, cleaned and pickled. Then they are tumble polished.

I am having such a great time and am learning so much from Horace. I am hoping soon to be able to make my own wax molds and cast silver pieces that are my own signature pieces. The next time I go out there, I will have some photos of the beginnings of this intricate process.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Who Knew...??

I had an awesome time last weekend at the Ocean Springs Art Market/Fresh Market in front of the Mary O'Keefe Cultural Center. We had a great turn out and am happy to report that the Fresh Market will be with us again September 5th. It would be awesome if they continue to combine both markets to the benefit of both Markets..but what do I know?
I was doing some internet research the other day and discovered that we have Art Markets every weekend..!

- Pass Christian has a Market every Saturday from 8-11 at the War Memorial Park on Hwy 90.
- Waveland has a Market on Wednesdays from 6-12 and Saturdays from 8-12.
- Moss Point's Market is from 9-1

I am probably going to check out a couple of these this Saturday and see which one or ones would be the best fit for me.
I will also have my Fall Schedule of events posted on my web site very soon. I am also finding the best date for my Annual Home Show.

For your viewing pleasure today, I have posted pictures of a couple of new pieces. I made a Chakra bracelet with Swarovski crystals and Crystal Quartz. I also have these stunning Crystal quartz Mini Lotus Pears made into gorgeous teardrop hoops. Both are available for sale in my Artfire Studio.