Sunday, October 26, 2008

Peter Anderson Festival Panic

Ok...I'm starting to panic a bit. The Peter Anderson Festival is one week away. I know I have enough inventory, but do I have enough of what people will want...? That's the big question. I have been on a "creating" frenzy the past couple of days.

I really love mixing Horace's silver with the Kazuri beads. I love the colors in the Seahorse necklace, Ocean colored freshwater pearls and the mix of colors in the Kazuri's remind me of the deepest blue sea...where seahorse's reside.

The Fan Shell is another Horace Creation mixed with freshwater Pearls and one of my favorite colors of Swarovski's...Indicolite...and of course Kazuri's and ceramic Mykonos beads made in Greece...what a world-wide combination..!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall in the Air

This set is something a little different than what I normally do. This set is all Fall. The spacers reminded me of the color of tree bark and the czech beads are the colors of leaves and the darker muted sky colors that mean Fall is in the air.
Now that I'm living in the South, Fall is the season I miss the most. I miss the crackle of the leaves beneath my feet on a walk through the forest, the smell of the fresh air ( I know it sounds corny, but it does smell I tell you...clean and fresh and cool to your senses), the drop in temperature as the sun dips below the horizon and the sweet smell of logs on a fire...all remind me of a Wisconsin Fall.
We do get some of the bits and pieces of Autumn, but for us, they come about in December....just a few months later and don't last nearly as long.
Here's to home...!!!
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dragonfly Obsession

Ok, I must admit I have a new obsession that has nothing to do with the ocean or the's Dragonflies. I don't think you will find any dragonflies there. I've had this Hill Tribe pendant for awhile now, waiting for inspiration to strike. can see, my muse struck yesterday and this is the result. I mixed Kyanite gemstones ( the green/blue stones in oval and rounds) with stick pearls and erinite colored Swarovski's (one of my fav colors). The 3rd photo is the bracelet to go with it. I love the cute little sterling dragonfly charm. They should be available in my Etsy shop later today.

Here are some more dragonflies for your viewing pleasure.... The Glass Dragonfly was created by my very talented glass artist friend Jill. The second sterling silver filigree dragonfly was hand cast by Horace, another talented friend of's so great to have talented friends...makes my work designing easy!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

As promised....the Fleur de lis earrings....!! I'm going to post these in my Etsy shop today.
First up...
Capiz Shell Fleur de lis

These are my 'ode to the New Orleans Saints' earrings. The Capiz shells make a really cool "clinking" noise when they move, very soothing. The Fleur de lis is surrounded by a 2 in silver tone circle.

And Second....

Sterling Silver Hand Cast Fleur de lis'

They are my favorite charms. They are hand cast in sterling silver by my friend Horace. I will go into the entire process in a future post. Let's suffice it to say right now, it's an awesome thing to watch. Horace has over 5000 molds he uses to create pendants, charms and rings. They aren't your typical fleur de lis which is what I love about them and probably why they are a great find. I thought the shape of the earring post worked really well with this earring. It's the last pair I have left with this particular post.

Monday, October 6, 2008

George Ohr Festival

The 15th Annual George Ohr Fall Festival of Arts was a beautiful weekend to be out and about ...! Autumn was in the air and better yet....the lovebugs weren't...! We got no breeze on Saturday and an over-abundance of it on Sunday...we're talking over 15mph gusts the people were out and enjoying the great bands and artisan arts and crafts including jewelry, pottery and paintings.

I got to meet an online friend, fellow jewelry designer Lisa C of Serena's Jewels. She lives in Alabama on Dauphin Island, talk about paradise..! Lisa loves mermaids and she reflects that and her love of the Sea in her wonder we get along so well. It was so great to put a face with s name, and she is just as nice in person as she is on the keyboard.

My Fleur de lis earrings flew off the racks this weekend....figuratively and actually. ( I'll post those photos tomorrow) as well as try to get some more made for my next show which is scheduled to be the Fall around Downtown Gulfport on October 18th.

This photo was taken Saturday after the show, we had a wonderful dinner at our local hangout Shady's. They have just added an oyster bar and outdoor patio complete with fire place. Water pours from beer taps behind us, very cool. A drink and dinner was just what we needed to relax after a fun filled day showing our jewelry at the Festival.