Friday, October 10, 2008

As promised....the Fleur de lis earrings....!! I'm going to post these in my Etsy shop today.
First up...
Capiz Shell Fleur de lis

These are my 'ode to the New Orleans Saints' earrings. The Capiz shells make a really cool "clinking" noise when they move, very soothing. The Fleur de lis is surrounded by a 2 in silver tone circle.

And Second....

Sterling Silver Hand Cast Fleur de lis'

They are my favorite charms. They are hand cast in sterling silver by my friend Horace. I will go into the entire process in a future post. Let's suffice it to say right now, it's an awesome thing to watch. Horace has over 5000 molds he uses to create pendants, charms and rings. They aren't your typical fleur de lis which is what I love about them and probably why they are a great find. I thought the shape of the earring post worked really well with this earring. It's the last pair I have left with this particular post.

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