Sunday, September 28, 2008

3 Dogs Beggin I have to give a plug to another endeavor or ours. 3 Dogs Beggin started about a year ago, shortly after the big pet food recall. Oprah...yes, Oprah had an episode about dogs and feeding them the raw diet. I pulled a couple of recipes from the internet and took them to Neil..significant other of 8 years, resident chef in the house and all around great guy. He scoffed...if it has anything to do with Oprah...scoff is immediate gut reaction. I tried to tell him about the benefits of making our own dog food and the cost effectiveness..all fell on deaf ears. Then, I find out the next day, he's been doing some research of his own, not when I was around...he wouldn't do that in front of me...I'm sure it was to prove the wrongness of Oprah. Much to my surprise, he agreed and decided to start making our own food. We use a really good dry, no binders and fillers and he makes a wet concoction of vegtables, brown rice and cooked ground beef. The dogs love it...!
I must add that 2 of our dogs will eat anything we put in front of them and have even been known to eat frozen blueberries..the other...not so much. We had a hard time getting him to eat what we put down for his "meal". problems...he must know that he's getting the "good stuff"
I guess this is getting a bit long, but making our own dog food naturally progressed into making their treats as well. The great thing is...we know exactly what is going into them...and it's all natural, with no preservatives and we don't have to worry about and additives that "accidently" got into what they eat.
And it was natural for me to start to sell them at my shows. The response was surprising....! Now, I sell them fulltime at the shows and even one of the galleries I work with carries them. I created a 3 Dogs Beggin Etsy shop to spread the news. How can we not do our best for our fur friends...?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Friend Moe

I'm just getting a hang of this blogging thing, but when I need inspiration or just a great chuckle...I look to my friend Moe in Hawaii. She always brings a smile to my face and a laugh to my heart...she's a natural blogger with an awesome sense of humor. I met her at Polymer Clay Central which is a great community of folks all dedicated to the pursuit of polymer clay and everything that goes with it. She's helped me with PC technical problems, sent me altoid tins to cover and helped promote my second business, 3 Dogs Beggin . She is a wonderful person with a huge that I'm surprised fits on the island she lives on. ( Hugs Moe!) Not to take away from all the other wonderful souls at PCC...they are all super...! If you interested in polymer clay and what you can do with it, please stop in to PCC, I promise you won't be disappointed... Or if you need a lift to your day....visit Moe at her blog or stop in to her Etsy shop to see all her beautiful PC goodies...

Monday, September 22, 2008

The day of the LoveBugs

I had an Arts & Crafts show this past weekend in beautiful Diamondhead, MS. We'd had such awesome Fall weather in the days prior...I was hopeful our weekend would be just as nice. name happened weather wise this n sticky, rain showers, humid, torrential rain (luckily, overnight) caused a river to run through our booth, sunny, breezy...I think we covered them all...if it had snowed, I'm not sure I would have batted an eye...the one constant in our weekend was the presence of the lovebugs.

Those of you who live on the Gulf Coast are familiar with these bugs, I'm sure. They appear twice a year Spring/Fall to cover our windshields and just generally annoy. The fly around procreating on any available surface, no care to where....AND they love the color white ( canopy color). YEA...!! Needless to say...we were picking love bugs off jewelry and stained glass all weekend.

The photo above was the star of the show, the Tropical Splash bracelet by far received the most complements and most attention, but alas, was not sold. The Lampwork beads were created LAJewelryDesigns artist Lea. They are phenomenal..! They look like bits of the sea...! I went with her theme and added sterling silver Hill tribe fish and a Sterling starfish, pale green amazonite, sunstone and cariibbean blue opal Swarovskis to complete the piece. What do you think..?

My friend Karen stopped by on Sunday to see all the fine Arts&Crafts available. Karen is an awesome artist herself. She works with fused glass, enameling and photography to mention a few. She sells her beautiful nature and landscape at Etsy. Her shop name is Tricia Kay. She does prints as well as notecards. Stop by her'll like what you see..!

Here are some photos from this weekends show. Enjoy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

How time Flies...

Ok, so this is the first time I have logged on in about 2 years....gulp...! I got a huge creative writer's block. I've been told by everyone blogging is it....!! Everybody blogs....! It's easy...! BaM....creative block....who's going to care what little o' me has to say...? Well, I guess we're going to find out....!

I've been hard at work creating new pieces for the Fall/Winter Season as well as continuing to get my website at Caly's Jewelry Creations up to date and listing at my Etsy Shop.
I have updated my Fall Schedule and it's a busy one.

This bracelet was inspired by the scrumptious lampwork beads from DorsetHill Beads. She created these beads and called them Aqua Marine...well those that know me, know the name was about all I needed to inspire a purchase....! I paired them with sterling silver seahorses and shells from Hill Tribe Silver and sterling silver Starfish and Swarovski crystal. I think it turned out beautifully...! She loved my bracelet so much she posted on her blog.

See you in 2 years....just kidding...! I'll try to be a little more faithful....! Thanks for waiting...!