Monday, September 15, 2008

How time Flies...

Ok, so this is the first time I have logged on in about 2 years....gulp...! I got a huge creative writer's block. I've been told by everyone blogging is it....!! Everybody blogs....! It's easy...! BaM....creative block....who's going to care what little o' me has to say...? Well, I guess we're going to find out....!

I've been hard at work creating new pieces for the Fall/Winter Season as well as continuing to get my website at Caly's Jewelry Creations up to date and listing at my Etsy Shop.
I have updated my Fall Schedule and it's a busy one.

This bracelet was inspired by the scrumptious lampwork beads from DorsetHill Beads. She created these beads and called them Aqua Marine...well those that know me, know the name was about all I needed to inspire a purchase....! I paired them with sterling silver seahorses and shells from Hill Tribe Silver and sterling silver Starfish and Swarovski crystal. I think it turned out beautifully...! She loved my bracelet so much she posted on her blog.

See you in 2 years....just kidding...! I'll try to be a little more faithful....! Thanks for waiting...!


Karen Blakeney said...

I love this bracelet.

Glad to see you finnally got this blog up and running


Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Thanks for pushing me Karen...! Now, if we could just push you into doing the shows with us..!!!

LeeLyn said...

Hey, I love the Blog. I have purchased many pieces from you over the last 2 years. I get compliments all the time and the gals want to know where I got them. You will be hearing from me soon, as the holidays are just around the corner. Your creativness is so unique. It's a tribute to your love of the ocean and it's counter parts. Later
Adnillee - Wisconsin

LeeLyn said...

Dawn.....PS Their is a set with bracelet and errings I have my eye on. Hope you still have it. Also a pair of dangle earrings. I will contact you ........