Friday, January 15, 2010

Studio Spring Cleaning

I was inspired by a fellow artisan Cat Therien who in the process of doing a Studio Cleanup. Cat is a very talented polymer clay. She is an inspiration to me with that as well...! Cat is on day 3 of her studio clean up. I tackled my closet area yesterday. The first photo is the closet. I have an awesome storage closet. It has all these shelves and open space on the right. This photo is taken after I had taken all the boxes off the top shelf and cleaned out the right side to some degree, so you don't really get the full filthy

These are all the boxes that came off the top shelf of the closet as well as some fabric that has been there forever. Don't ask my why I keep alllll these boxes. I guess I think that someday, I will need them all. This table held my light box up to now. I wanted to reclaim some of that space for my polymer clay, fused glass work, and eventually my earth clay. I have a tray of glass pieces below the table as well as 25lb box of earth clay.

This is how the closet looked after I finished the clean up. I have all my jewelry boxes and bags on the top shelf. All my packing materials is organized on the second shelf to the bottom as well as some of the things I need for my shows. I will show a photo of the closet after the clean up is over. Some of the book case "stuff" has found its way back into the closet, but it is still organized.

All non-jewelry related crafts put away in plastic containers. Things in those containers...markers, paints, inks, more paints.

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This is how the light box is set up on the right side of the closet.


Charlene (Cat) Therien said...

It's looking great! I love how your closet shelves got all organized with things you need right at hand. Good for you! :)

casualgal said...

Great Job, I have been trying to do this for months. Thanks for the inspiration!