Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spring Studio Cleaning Day 3

Here is what I am tackling today. This is probably the hardest day. I have to put all my little pieces and parts back into their containers and make my desks usable again. I try to do this task about once every 6 weeks or or..or it gets very unwieldy.
I have 2 desks on either side of the black chair so I can turn from one desk to the other. I used to use the first desk for my polymer work, but I end up using it more than the one facing the wall.
I ended up moving that entire table from the side of the desk underneath the "big" table. That opened up a ton of space in my studio as well as let me keep all my polymer clay "stuff" all in one place. I love the new look...! I will post that photo tomorrow.
The last photo is part of what I am tackling tomorrow. The corner printer table and my computer desk..yikes..! Thanks for coming along...!


Rosemary said...

WOW Dawn, is really looking good...Good job girlie, yayyyy, after all that hard work, go to Tom's Pizzeria and have some of them garlic knots LMAOOO :o)

Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Thanks Rosie...!! We may just have to do that...! I will post the computer desk and printer area tomorrow. Today, I work on cleaning out my filing cabinets and reorganizing them. That's a full day