Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spring Cleaning Part 2

Ok...Spring Cleaning Day 2...! I tackled my bookcases...! What a mess..! I have ceramic stuff and pieces of glass and other stuff that doesn't belong.
Here is the shelf and table (that was covered in boxes the day before) I have my polymer clay oven and pasta maker set up on the table. I realize that the shelf doesn't "look" organized, but it is. I have my polymer clay canes and pieces on the top shelf in the plastic containers. I still have my fused glass "stuff" on the middle two shelves.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture of this bookcase. You can see how much room I reclaimed with it's clean-up. This last photo is what I am tackling next. My jewelry tables. The computer desk and printer desk will be tackled another day...!
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Rosemary said...

WOW i can tell u sure r working very hard, and i guess, by urself too? hmmmm no help!! i wish i was really close to you so i can help...oh, i noticed that 'My lil red Heart' looks Orange and u know how i am, i was like oh wow, an orange heart necklace, that's cute hehe...but it said red, oh well, i do like it, but at same time, i dont have money, i need a job so i can buy it, i really like that one Dawn, but if u could also make it in orange hehe...but that's why U named it My RED Lil Heart huh duhhhh lmao ok girlie, its cold up in here, brrrrr dunno why, if its 58 degrees outside. Anyhow...GOOD WORK HONEY, Im sure ALL is going to look Great and Organized once ur done! Best of luck!!! love and miss ya :o)