Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pixe's Treasure Chest...a Day late...

I met Michele through my Starving Artist Etsy team. We share ourselves and our art on the forum everyday. Michele was the first to contact me about donating for Chris. She made me pick something from her Etsy was no easy task let me tell you....! There were so many pretty things...! She handcrafted the sterling ear wires and added red jasper to the cute little hearts. Michele says that red jasper reflects negative energy. Keeps your positve energy in and keeps the negative out.
These and many other pretties will be available on February 11th at Mississippi National Golf Course, all proceeds going towards Chis' recovery. Please stop by Michele's shop and check it out...!


Mich said...

Dawn, Great post...This is the hightlight of my day! Well, this, and getting my olive juice sample! But you're above the olive juice!
Thank you! I wish you much, much success with your auction!!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Chris!! A heck of a lot of hugs and good karma to ya!!!

Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Thanks Mich..!! Big hugs..!