Friday, February 6, 2009

Ann Werther Designs

Ann was one of the first ladies I became friends with after I started my business. We were both displaying at a local Spring show. She came over and we started chatting. She has introduced me to a lot of talented MS artists, including Maryann. We all try to get together for lunch and talk about new techniques and upcoming shows. Ann is a great lady and very talented. She has some awesome new techniques that she is working on that will knock your socks off...!

Ann donated these gorgeous Swarovski Moon Earrings for the silent auction on February 11th. They are gorgeous and reflect the light beautifully...! Remember...Mississippi National Golf Course..February 11. If you are interested in seeing more of Ann's work, you can contact her through me for the time being while I work on her to get an Artfire

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Sara at Soap Rehab said...

Wow, amazing colors on the moons!! :)