Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moe's Art of Hawaii

These beautiful pieces traveled the Pacific Ocean to me from Hawaii. They are but a few of the pieces Moe was gracious enough to send for the silent auction next week. She generously sent me about 40 pieces of her artwork. Moe is a very talented polymer clay artist, as you can see from these photos. I had a very hard time choosing which pieces to post...!
I met Moe on Polymer Clay Central a couple of years ago. I was fairly new to the polymer clay world and anxious to learn more. I remember her as being very warm and welcoming and always with a sense of humor. If you ever need to lift your spirits...take a look at her blog to put a smile on your face and a laugh in your heart. Moe is one of those rare beauties both inside and out, she is generous in heart, will kick your butt into action if she feels you need it, will make you laugh and is always there with a smile and a hug. I am very honored to be considered one of her friend.s

If you'd like to see more of Moe's beautiful work you can check out her Etsy shop . Be sure and stop by her won't be sorry. These pieces (well...maybe not the green pendant) will be available for purchase at the Mississippi National Golf Course on February 11th. All proceeds will go to my friend Chris and his recovery from brain cancer.


Gaston Studio said...

Beautiful pieces, reveals they were made with love.

MoeArt said...

That moe...isn't she terrific? :D :D :D

thanks for the super write up. Wanna be my agent? xoxoxoxo