Thursday, January 22, 2009

Silent Auction Seahorse

This is the necklace I am donating to my friend's silent auction next month.. I wrote about him in a blog last week. The seahorse is a glass focal made by my friend Jill. It has swirls of blue and green glass. The detail Jill puts into her work is amazing. I interspersed swarovski crystals and Angelica rondelle crystals along the beading wire. I wanted to complement Jill's glass and not detract from it's beauty. What do you think...? Have I accomplished that goal..?
I am hoping it will command a high price at the auction as all money's collect go to Chris and his hospital bills.


Terry Spier said...

A beautiful necklace Dawn - should do well.

You've been tagged! Winner of the Lemonade Award - check it out on my website!


ChezChani said...

You have absolutely succeeded with this stunning piece. Gorgeous seahorse, how could you not be driven to make something wonderful for him.

MoeArt said...

That's gorgeous! I thought it was clay and almost fainted! You both did great! xoxo, moe

Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Thanks Moe...!! Jill does gorgeous things with glass...!!