Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ceramic Look Polymer Clay Pieces

I have been playing with a new technique that I read about in Polymer Clay Cafe mag last week. The talented artist Sharon Solly shows you how to make polymer clay pendants look like ceramic clay pendants. I have been trying to find a way to do this for awhile. She has hit it on the head...!
These are a couple of my experiments. They are very light-weight and durable. Each pendant is painted with liquid polymer clay that is tinted with oil paints and cured. Each color has to be cured before another color is added. Each pendant takes some time to finish, but it is well worth the effect. I see myself using this technique a lot. I see dolphins, seahorse and starfish pendants in my own unique colors...! Oh, how I wish I had more time in the day...this is really the fun part of jewelry making for me...! If you want to check out more of Sharon's work you can check out her photos here. I have some of my pendants for sale at my Artfire studio.

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