Monday, December 1, 2008

Feeling Crabby this Holiday Season...???

I love the Holidays, but I am not a big fan of Holiday shopping, especially at big outlet stores...and especially on Black Friday. You will find me in the studio, baking Christmas Cookies or Decorating for the season. The last place you will find me is in shopping mall or a store fighting others for parking spaces, gifts and great bargains. That for me, is not the way to bring in the season. I am trying my darnest this year to buy Handmade for my family and friends. A great place to start is Etsy.

Which brings me to the Crab set I created on Friday.....I know most people don't come home from shopping on Black Friday with a "warm & fuzzy"....I figures "crabby" was the word of the day...hence this beautiful Boro Glass Crab designed by my friend Jill. I love the yummy warm colors Jill combined....another plus on the cold, blustery day it was put together. It's a beautiful set...don'tcha think...?

I am running great Cyber Monday sales at my Etsy
Free shipping through today
10% off any order over $25
15% off any order over $50
25% off any order over $100

Hope to see you there....!

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