Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Festival added to Schedule and technique

Yea!! I'm been accepted to the Biloxi Art Association's Fall Festival of Arts the weekend of November 22-23rd. It will be located at the Edgewater Mall during regular mall hours. We had a very successful show there during June and I'm sure this one will be just as fun!

Tomorrow I am going to learn how to cast sterling silver pieces. My friend Horace ( see the filigree dragonfly below as well as the silver seahorse) wants to teach me how to make wax molds and cast them into sterling silver..! What fun...! Horace himself has over 5000 molds that he's made, but the fun part will be creating my own sterling silver pieces...pieces that no one else will have and they will be entirely my own...and then of course passing them along to my wonderful customers. I will post pictures of the process this weekend...!

I must say my whale tail necklace was the most popular this past weekend. Some folks saw it as a mermaid's tale, which is fine. Once again, it is my talented friend Jill's Glass work.

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